Vee’s Place – A Potted History

Vee’s Place Community Centre mission in life is to strengthen community spirit, support and develop mutual respect for all individuals.

Our mission in life is to strengthen community spirit, support and develop mutual respect for all individuals. 

We see it as the very essence of good citizenship.

Our Community Resource has rapidly gained a reputation for the support we offer to our local community citizens needs, who drop in or have been referred to us by our regional partners.

It has achieved great success in this area by encouraging people with mental health needs to be active, meet people and where possible, be less reliant on medicalised forms of therapy.

So if you want to spend less time in front of the television, get out and about and meet new friends come and see us at “Activities Merseyside” – it just might change your life – forever!

Great Oaks from Small Acorns?

Humble Beginnings – When I retired I needed to have something to focus on. Having suffered from Chronic Depression for years, there was one thing I was absolutely certain of; there was a an absence of accessible local community resources projects for the people of Prescot and Merseyside.

Taking Action – It certainly was daunting not knowing if there was enough local interest to have the basis of a club. Even without much in the way of marketing, within six months, the PLC Activities Club as Vee’s Place was then known. Quickly we outgrew our surroundings and started looking for somewhere else.

The Church – Finding something large enough and within our budget was a real challenge. We found run a down church and set about restoring the former Zion Methodist Church Hall. A year later in our membership continued to grow and we were able to provide more activities in our larger space.

As The The Years Passed

Running a community resource is a constant battle. Building trust in the community and with the authorities takes times. Depending on volunteers can have its up’s and down. There were a few setbacks on our journey. In 2012 we were nominated and won our first award; the Social Enterprise Network 2012. As if my magic we began attracting more funding and we changed our name to Vee’s Place.

Being the founder of the PLC Activities Club; from those humble beginnings I could have never believed what was a personal ambition would turn into what you see today. With the support of the Council, Police and Community out-reach projects, we are today forming a consortium to plug the gaps in the Social Support network in our area with GP’s, the CRC and the NHS referring people directly to us to get the help they need. help I only aspired to when plunged in my personal chronic depression.

Vee's Place - A picture of a smiling wonan in a busy streetThe best way to deal with depression is to keep the mind focused on a positive project. Believe me when I tell you, managing Vee’s Place, and all that come’s with it, certainly focuses the mind. One of the biggest challenges, as any business out there is financial stability and cashflow. One of the biggest drawbacks of a charity is there are no guarantees of income. We either have to generate it ourselves though our tea rooms, facility admissions, subscriptions paid for activity sessions , fund-raising events, sponsorship and donations from charitable giving.

All of our valued staff are volunteers from wide-ranging backgrounds. The unemployed, students, undergraduates, postgraduates, teachers, tradesmen, individuals from the private sector and the retired. Every one of them contribute towards make Vee’s Place a success.

A main objectives of ours is to help create employment in our region with the help of the Universities, Job Centre consultants who work with us and providing people with the opportunity to gain employment skills and gain confidence and experience to help them into employment. Employment does more than just help the individual improve their lives and the local economy; it uplifts people and brings back community spirit building a stronger and safer community.


Vee’s Place and formerly PLC Activities has won 3 awards for special achievement & innovation, supporting and providing our facilities for; Carers, Learn Direct, Residential Care, Health and Youth Groups. The Vee’s Place Community Centre provides a tangible infrastructure assisting; the Police, CRC, NHS, CVS, Local Authorities, Schools and Job Centres.

  • An award winning local Knowsley Charity, (Plc Activities Club), now known locally as Vees Place.
  • We are part of a match funding programme.
  • The founder of the CORPORATE Consortium.

What of The Future, and Why We Are Seeking Further Funding and Development?

As we are a successful active Community Resource, we want to develop still further and evolve into a 24 Hour, Multi-Purpose Resource Centre. A valuable resource desperately needed to address the growing and complex needs of our diverse community and support them when others cannot.

We accept NHS referralsWe need to be able to accept many more direct referrals, supporting our over-stretched Regional Public Services. This makes perfect sense, as our overheads and operating costs, are substantially less than the overstretched services. We can provide a safety net for those people being missed or waiting for some help and support.

However, the complex needs of people often now supported by Vee’s Place, previously placed enormous strain on our over-stretched G.P’s and NHS Out-Patient Services. So much so Vee’s Place has attracted much in the way of interest from; G.P.’s, Police, CRC, NHS, Youth Clubs, Training Providers, Therapists, Universities and our Job Centres.Especially as many of them are facing funding cuts, so we are an obvious choice for them.

Combining precious resources in this time of austerity is what every Industry and Business has been forced into doing due to our changing economy. However, the complex needs of people often now supported by Vee’s Place, previously placed enormous strain on our over-stretched G.P’s and NHS Out-Patient Services.

Valuable Community Resources like Vee’s Place are not a thing of the past, they are a necessary part of the future. This is because they are led and assisted by the very people they often served in the past, who can with empathy, based on past experience support and motivate those in real need of our help in our community.

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Charitable Donations

If you would like to help our Charity with a donation, please click the button on the left. You will be taken to the secure Local Giving website.

Just five pounds can make a massive amount of difference, allowing us to put an activity on, or replenish some items of stock in Vee’s Café so we can generate more income and provide refreshments for members. If you do decide to donate, thank you so much.

Verity Rhodes, Founder and Manager of Vee’s Place.

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Vees Place is a Registered Charity No:1093064 The Church Building, 80 Kemble Street, Prescot, Merseyside, L34 5SF


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