Vee's is a Place for Activities, Learning and Fun!

For people on low income, families, those suffering with health or mental health problems, ex-offenders, the homeless, the unemployed, the young, or the elderly; who might be experiencing; loneliness, isolation, or simply wish to go somewhere to make new friends, or anyone inbetween! Basically anyone; except bugs! (Not to discriminate, but bugs are creepy). Vees Place is here a waiting for you, but sorry, the bugs need not apply!

Vees Place provides a safe activity-packed environment for disengaged young people who need support with; education, health information, socialising. Vee’s Place has an After-School Club for children aged between 10 to 16 years. We occasionally hold weekend activities too!
We also have activities for our older citizens to enjoy, encouraging social interaction and to avoid the feelings of isolation and solitude many experience.
If you are young, or if you are older, you oftentimes have one thing in common. A lot of the time you feel alone and isolated from the world around you. The young believe they are misunderstood, and often they are. The elderly are often left behind when a loved one passes over. Lonely and feeling socially alienated.

  • Vee's Place Book Cycle Library
  • Vee's Place Mini Gym
  • Vees Place IT Computer Room
  • Social Activities for the elderly
  • Vees Place is located in the Zion Methodist Church
  • This is Vee's Place Crisis Cafe Dining Area
  • Jamming at Vee's Place Music Activities
  • Relax in the Vee's Place Hot Tub
  • This is Vee's Place Billboard

Activities include;

  • Games
  • Sport
  • Table Tennis
  • Air Hockey
  • IT Suite
  • Cafe
  • Mini Gym
  • Library
  • Youth Club
  • Workshops

We also occasionally we host Quizzes, Parties & Social evenings Pool & Darts competitions plus Dominoes & Card Clubs.

Activity Subscriptions:

Adults £3.00 Young Person £2.00, (including refreshments).

From £5 to £30 (Depending on what you do and for how long).

Room Hire:
£25 per hour (Full details upon request and discounts map apply)

We want to provide activities according to popular choice, To help us do that please give us some feedback and let us know what you want to do.

Community Activites At Vee’s Place;
A sewing shop, singing club, book-cycle library, it suite, recording studio, job club, arts/crafts, bingo, boccia, card games, cooking, dancing, dominoes, indoor bowls, jigsaws, karaoke, music, painting, pool, quizzes, rumikub, sport, sing-a-longs.

At Vee’s Place Café;

  • Coffee mornings
  • Afternoon teas
  • Discount Clothes & Food Cooperative, (offering discounted food)

Occasionally Upon Demand;
Quizzes, Parties & Social evenings,  Pool & Darts competitions plus Dominoes & Card Clubs.

The is the button to give donations via the Local Giving website

Charitable Donations

If you would like to help our Charity with a donation, please click the button on the left. You will be taken to the secure Local Giving website.

Just five pounds can make a massive amount of difference, allowing us to put an activity on, or replenish some items of stock in Vee’s Café so we can generate more income and provide refreshments for members. If you do decide to donate, thank you so much.

Verity Rhodes, Founder and Manager of Vee’s Place.

We provide holidays and trips. We plan to introduce demonstrations for Cookery, Arts, Crafts & Sewing, Make-overs and Therapies.
Vees Place has an After-School Club children aged 10 to 16 years: Activities include; Games, Sport, Table Tennis, Air Hockey, IT Suite, Cafe, Mini Gym, Library, Youth Club, Workshops. In addition, we plan to run workshops for grow your own plants & vegetables, budgeting on low incomes, and how to Keep fit & healthy starting with yoga and Pilates. Once a month we plan to have a Vintage Fayre.

Vees Place provides a safe activity-packed environment for disengaged young people who need support with; education, health information, socialising.

  • Games Room
  • Reading and Writing Club
  • Education & Learning
  • Carer’s Support Group
  • Bingo/Dominoes/Sewing/Exercises
  • Information and Signposting Service
  • Weekend young people support & workshops

Many more activities are in the pipline. We organise activities based upon your suggestions, feed-back and local availability.


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