Advertising with us, on this website, in our social media channels or in the Community Centre could not be easier. Simply send us a message, telling us where you want to advertise and what you want to say, by using the form on the right and we will contact you to discuss it.

Marketing Makes The World Go Round

Donations Keep Our Charity Alive!

We do not have a formal scale of advertising fees. All we ask is that you give us a donation. We are always happy to consider marketing partnerships. It is a great way ti get natural backlinks which will help your organic rankings.

We will also consider reciprocal banner exchanges. This is still a very new website. However, it will soon gain traction and we expect around 5-10k hits per day, and around 2k+ unique visitors based upon our market research.

I am sure some of that as extra traffic to your website would be worth a nice donation for our charity?

Leslie made this short to help a friend if mine get some new volunteers for her charity. If you look at video marketing agencies in Liverpool. Some charge crazy amounts of money for a minute of finished video. We will create a 60 second promotional animation for a donation of £50 all in!

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