Vees Place article image; As good as it gets

As good as it gets?

OK, is this really as good as it gets?

Vees Place has many fun activities and facilities in a safe environment; you don’t have to wander the streets bored, and at risk!

There is nothing worse than being on your own and trying to find something to do. It does not matter if you are aged 8 or 88, Vees Place has much to keep you occupied; a wide range of activities and support to keep you happy.

It is not expensive to enjoy our facilities. The building is not much to look at from the outside. It has been repurposed from the old Zion Methodist Church and we have spent a lot of money refurbishing the property. We are an award-winning community resource hub for the Merseyside area. Despite the costs involved we have been able to keep the admission prices low.

2017 Admission Prices

Adults: £3.00

Young People: £2.00

This also includes refreshments. Once you are inside there is much to do. Play guitar, record a song, read a book, learn to code, keep fit or chat over a cup of tea to someone new; There is a lot you can do a Vee’s Place. Have a look on our activities page to learn more.

You can also book a variety of Paid Therapies such as Yoga, Mindfulness, Music, Relaxation Therapy and Tai Chi to name a few, but remember, the more people who attend, the lower the subscription.

2017 Therapy Prices

From £5 – 30 (Depending on which Therapy you book and how long the sessions are).

OK. You can enjoy a game of chess in Vee’s Place Café or become mindful and at one with the Universe, but I can tell you are still not impressed. Fear not.

Education and Learning

We have an array of educational and professional skills taught by our qualified and knowledgeable volunteers and instructors. Master the Guitar, get ABRSM, or OCR IT Admin qualification ready, computer lessons, practice for the Great British Bake Off or learn how to cook meals on a tight budget with our Cheffy volunteers.

If you subscribe to our RSS Feed, for the non-technical, click here and tick the box and the button, and when a new activity becomes available for booking. There is also a form below or our contact page. Come along, it will be nice to see you.

We serve 100s of people from all ages and backgrounds. People from low income families, those suffering with physical health issues, mental health problems, ex-offenders, the homeless, the unemployed and elderly people who might be experiencing loneliness, isolation or simply wish to go somewhere to make new friends. Whatever your circumstances you will get a warm and friendly welcome at Vee’s Place, Prescot, Merseyside.


  • Games Room

    The cream always rises to the top; have a competitive streak, let’s see how good you are!

  • Reading and Writing Club

    Is this where the next successor to the Harry Potter novels get written; you don’t know unless you have a go!

  • Education & Learning

    Maths not up to scratch? I am 56, designed this website and doing an OU degree; learn something new at any age!

  • Carer’s Support Group

    If you care for a loved one you can feel isolated and alone. Join our Carer’s support group, we can give you practical advice and support; we care about the carer.

  • Bingo, Dominoes, Sewing, Exercises, Darts and More…

    We have a lot of family board games and activities for everyone to enjoy. Come along and have some fun with friends old and new in the Vee’s Place Café.

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