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Benefit from Volunteering at Vee’s Place

How You Can Benefit from Volunteering at Vee’s Place

Usually, people do not think about themselves when contemplating volunteering for an organisation live Vee’s Place. I think many people are unaware of the incredible benefits voluntary work can offer you. In this article, I would like to give you some food for thought.

Student Placement

Work Experience

Vee's Place Volunteer 4Young and mature students, whether in schools, colleges or universities, are often compelled to find placements to gain a practical perspective of their theoretical studies. Vee’s Place, as a trusted community charity, of over 15 years standing, can provide a fantastic opportunity to develop your practical experience and gain insights into your field of study, whilst at the same time help real people with real needs and of course, Vee’s Place.

Vee’s Place Community Resource Centre is a hub for referrals from our partner agencies in the region. You may be studying for a graduate degree in Criminology, Psychology, or seeking qualifications in the Social Sciences or Mental Health. These examples are a perfect fit as a placement for your studies in a safe environment where your voluntary work benefits both you and everyone involved in the charity.

Vee's Place Volunteer 2A bare CV is no one’s friend. No matter how perfect your qualifications and personal profile might be, without experience, you may struggle to convince an employer you have the attributes they need to fill the vacancy.

I do not mean to be cruel. Just look at how many University Graduates work in McDonalds or are claiming Job Seekers Allowance to see this is a fact of life. The classic chicken and egg conundrum. It is unfair, no one disputes that.

However, by volunteering just a few hours a week in Vee’s Place we can provide active contact references and relevant evidence supporting your CV which would sway any employer, (and many in the regional business community know of Verity Rhodes and Vee’s Place), towards identifying you as the perfect fit for their vacancy.



Verity Rhodes the manager of Vee's Place in PrecotFollowing on from the work experience aspect of this article, if you volunteer for Vee’s Place, we will be delighted to provide you with a full employment reference. It does not matter if the position is salaried or voluntary, the work and responsibilities are the same.

It makes sense that if you are not currently working, or seeking a change the course of your career, an active, relevant reference adds a lot of strength to any future application. It’s fun to do as well.

Vee's Place Volunteer 3Often, we see that our volunteers come in doing one thing; a few months down the line, pick up new skills and qualifications inspired by their voluntary work at Vee’s Place.

We work in partnership with many partners including the Job Centre’s, Learn Direct, Universities and other regional educational establishments. You will find many opportunities at for educational at Vee’s Place.


Vee's Place Volunteer 1It is a matter of medical fact that keeping your mind engaged and learning new things improves your mental and physical health. If you think volunteering improving your health is a bit of a stretch; consider this!

It has been known for a long time we are literally creatures of habit. It is in our nature to avoid stress (pain) at all costs. Stress can be in the form of the fear of trying new things. You can see where I am going. Long story short; creating new neuro-synaptic pathways, (new experiences, good stress), improves the mind, rejuvenating the older and stretching the younger.

If you are working, and if you are engaged in what you are doing, you are less likely to want to eat for comfort. Finally, as I have said before on this website, if you are Depressed, engaging your mind on something positive is therapeutic.

Charitable Donations

This is a donation button with Vee's Place Logo on it

If you would like to help our Charity with a donation, please click the button on the left. You will be taken to the secure Local Giving website.

Just five pounds can make a massive amount of difference, allowing us to put an activity on, or replenish some items of stock in Vee’s Café so we can generate more income and provide refreshments for members. If you do decide to donate, thank you so much.

Verity Rhodes, Founder and Manager of Vee’s Place.


Working with people and getting out of your comfort zone builds your confidence. It is always difficult starting a new job or going somewhere unfamiliar. Volunteering helps with this.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Sufficient to say, after a good day’s work, and with a clear conscience, the arms of Morpheus will embrace you, and your will regenerate holistically in your sleep to enjoy another day!

These are some examples how you can Benefit from Volunteering at Vee’s Place.

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