Consortium Of Resource Provider Organisations Realising Ambitions Throughout England

CORPORATE - Strength in NumbersCORPORATE is an acronym for the “Consortium of Resource Provider Organisations Realising Ambitions Throughout England.” This is where efficient and mutually advantageous relationships will be formed using the latest technology; matching providers, organisations, funding sources, service providers, working together with obvious benefits.

Its mission will be to make people’s lives easier by working together to make this world a better place. CORPORATE will be free to use; it’s members benefiting from the numerous benefits of a consortium of interested parties.

There is real strength in numbers. I will be sending out invitations and a presentation soon. If you would like to be added to the list for early inclusion into CORPORATE, please put your details in the form below. I will be making updates in articles on the Vee’s Place website, so subscribe to my RSS Feed to get the information delivered to you automatically.


CORPORATE - Strength in NumbersAs you have helped us, we can help you too in a small way. We want to reciprocate by providing you with banners and features on our website, our social media and RSS syndication. Our web development and marketing consultant volunteer with provide you with an encrypted file sharing link for secure upload to our servers.

Furthermore, we are launching a timely, relevant and innovative, “Corporate Consortium Online”, a global project later this year. I am absolutely positive you will want your organisation to become a partner. Especially, as pre-launch partners will have prominence irrespective of corporate stature. It is completely free and has a news-worthy wide reach. If you own a small shop and support us, this project will send you a lot of targeted traffic, as well as the kudos of being in it at the beginning when it goes to national press syndications all over the world. It’s really exciting, new, highly relevant and it’s free to be part of.

Remember, there is strength in numbers!

We will send all our interested parties an outline later this year. Prior to the official launch, we will hold an event locally where a full presentation, press pack and an enjoyable evening, so that you can synchronise your organisations marketing efforts to take advantage of the attention this project will receive.

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