Vee’s Place – Referrals

To refer someone to our Community Resources Centre, please get in touch by sending a message from the form below. The manager and founder of Vee’s Place, and the PLC Activities Club, Verity Rhodes will contact you directly to discuss your clients needs so we can assess how best to serve them.

If you are trying to find a local community resource to place someone under your care, providing we have the space we will be very happy to accommodate you if possible. You may have heard from us from your local authority or promote a leaflet delivered to your surgery; we are an award-winning Community Centre located at The Old Church, 80 Kemble Street, Prescot, Merseyside, L24 5SF.

We opened our doors as the PLC Activities Club back in 2001. I started the venture to help me cope with retirement and the depression I have had to cope with most of my life. Therefore, I wanted to do something for the community. I know how debilitating depression is, and the catastrophic consequences it can have on the community, families and those directly concerned.

As I am sure you are aware, Knowsley has recently had some major challenges in the sheer scale of those requiring help and support due to ill-health, unemployment, isolation and sheer boredom. As a region, we were floundering in the national rankings of the socially deprived, ill and unemployed.

After opening our doors in 2001, with six months our membership ran into the hundreds and we received our first major award in 2002 from the Social Enterprise Network. We have gather a few more since then and have some loyal sponsors from the corporate world as well as the respect and trust of the Police and Local Authorities.

We offer many activities, if you would like an idea of what we do, please see our activities page. Our facilities have been recently refurbished. The building is a little like the Severn Bridge; you get to one end and the other needs doing again! We do our best together with our generous donors and hard-working volunteers.

A Message To Our Donors

If your organisation is not shown here, please accept my sincere apologies if your logo has is missing. This website was created on the 22nd May 2017 and we have a new volunteer, Leslie Fletcher who is a skilled web developer and experienced online marketer. Unfortunately, he is working with old and incomplete files due to the change in personnel.

We urgently need your Graphic File and the URL where you would like the logo should link back to to bring our website up to date. As a thank you for your support, (and as we now have an expert volunteering for us), we would like to repay your generosity in a small way by publishing article features of how your donations has helped Vee’s Place. Eventually these articles will be high traffic and a valuable marketing asset once this website matures.

If you have any promotional material, (including video and PDF files), representing your organisation, please send them to my web developer by email, directly to; If these files exceed the data size limit many email servers impose on us, email Leslie and he will provide you with a securely encrypted Dropbox link where you can send us your files of choice.

If you refer you can also contact me using the contact page on the website.

Thank you for your understanding and past generosity towards Vee’s Place, Prescot and Merseyside’s Community Resource Center

– Verity Rhodes, Founder and Centre Manager