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Strength in numbers

Working Together to Get the Job Done

Many Hands Making Light Work

Being an island and trying to do everything by yourself has few merits but many problems. Many argue the job sometimes only gets done properly if you do it yourself. This stressful route is something we all at times travel down the same road thinking you are on your own in business. There is another way!

Running a charity can be extremely stressful. On the one hand, you are spinning as many plates as possible, trying not to break any, to get things done and keep your promises. Then you look into the eyes of someone who depends on you, and realise, there has to be a better way to get things done.

Making Assumptions and Getting It Wrong

Many of us assume other charities, partner business and donor organisations are just too busy to give you the time of day, never mind help and advice.

This is not true, they are all spinning different plates but given the opportunity to help, many would without a moment’s hesitation.

Formalising Collaborative Relationships.

The Mals Mersey Charity LogoClare is a friend of mine; she runs the Mals Merseyside charity. She spins even more plates than I do, however, we have been known to pool our resources with some projects. The project resources seem to fall in to place perfectly with far less effort than would have ordinarily been the case.

As you can imagine being a charity; every penny donated is a precious commodity and needs to be used wisely. I have found through collaboration, things I would have spent money on come together through working with others.

Oftentimes, the opportunity is missed because the conversation never took place and a financial resource is needlessly drained. The frustration comes when someone tells you after the fact, “Of we’ve got one of them just gathering dust.”Verity Rhodes, Vee's Place
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Charitable Donations

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Just five pounds can make a massive amount of difference, allowing us to put an activity on, or replenish some items of stock in Vee’s Café so we can generate more income and provide refreshments for members. If you do decide to donate, thank you so much.

Verity Rhodes, Founder and Manager of Vee’s Place.

We have an exciting project we are currently planning to interactively collaborate on a large scale.
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A Thank You To Our Sponsors

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If you refer you can also contact me using the contact page on the website.

Thank you for your understanding and past generosity towards Vee’s Place, Prescot and Merseyside’s Community Resource Center – Verity Rhodes, Founder and Centre Manager

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