Our Webmaster

Our Webmaster is Leslie Leslie Fletcher is our webmasterFletcher. He is a volunteer with a background in; Military Training, The Civil Service, Contracts Management, Teaching and Three Directorships. He is currently studying for an Undergraduate BSc. Degree in Computing and IT and is planning to later pursue his Masters and Doctoral Studies.

At 56, (at the time of writing), he has a multitude of online and off-line marketing skills. He specialises in Full Stack Web Development, Ambient Educational Systems and Online Marketing. He creates targeted search engine optimised traffic video animation video and is probably the most organised and forensic individual you will ever meet.

We are taking advantage of his interactive database-driven admin systems which he developed over the years for the less organised and overworked like myself. Within six days of an initial meeting when a colleague brought him in to see me, he has created this website, registered, hosted and it is already attracting traffic and has been indexed within ten days of that meeting.
He also has not taken a penny for his work and has donated the domain name as well as the hosting.

Leslie will be delighted to give you any technical support you may need in relation to our website or collaborative efforts. You can send him a message through the system by using the following form, or by emailing directly at: leslie@lesliejfletcher.com

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