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Welcome to our new website

Welcome to Vee’s Place

Hello, and a warm welcome from everyone at Vee’s Place in Prescot in Merseyside. Vee’s Place is a Community Centre, an important hub and resource supporting the local community and authorities. We provide a safe-haven, a place where our facilities provide essential support, activities, events and mentorship for the young and old alike. To find out more, please have a read of our venue and activities pages.

My name is Verity Rhodes, I am the founder and manager of Vee’s Place. As a long-term sufferer of Depression, and looking for something to best utilise my skills and experience after I retired, I formed the PLC Activities Club in 2001. At the time, Prescot and the Knowsley region in Merseyside, was known for being an area of social deprivation, high unemployment and a lower life expectancy than the rest of the United Kingdom.

The Challenges facing Vee’s Place?


The link between unemployment, ill-health and social exclusion, as a sufferer of Depression, was obvious to me. The evidence was everywhere to be seen. The PLC Activities Club, which in 2010 became Vee’s Place and a well-regarded registered charity, within six months of opening its doors, had a membership exceed many hundreds; exceeding my expectations, but confirming the need for a Community Centre Resource in Prescot.

The balance between managing the infrastructure of an organisation, the needs of those in the local community and their referral agencies, and the dependence on the goodwill and generosity of our many donor’s and corporate sponsors can be precarious. Not knowing whether we can afford to MOT our minibus or fix a leaking roof has its challenges.

One of our volunteers

Our Knights in Shining Armour!

Meeting those challenges falls to myself as the manager and our many unpaid volunteers. Our excellent and expert volunteers provide a rich and diverse source of talent and compassion which drives our charity forward. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our brilliant and hardworking volunteers for everything they have done for us of the years.

On that point, we are always looking for talent and help. If you would like to help our charity by becoming a volunteer, please send me a message using the form below or use the information on our contact page. You can find out more by reading our volunteer page.

What we want to achieve with this website.

As you have already read, we have grown over the years and are now the recipient of numerous awards. We are well respected in the local community and by the authorities that serve it. I have known for a long time that we could do even more! It is just, the available time, resources and of course, the volunteers that can make it happen are not always there at the same time. Nevertheless, we want to move forward. This is some of the forward thinking we have in the pipeline:

  • The formation of new partnerships;
  • MIND, Making Spaces, G.P.’s, CRC and Police.
  • Enhancement of community victim support services the MALS Merseyside Charity, Life Change Program and HEI’s

Vee’s Place has already piloted an employment support programme called “Springboard to Employment” that utilises local graduates as peer-based mentors to the unskilled and unqualified.

Volunteer Development
We would like to encourage around 80 people over the next two years to actively volunteer, supporting by us in the planning and delivery of community centre activities;

  • Reception and administration duties
  • Membership recruitment
    Promoting the centre and its services
  • Taking bookings
  • Leading activities or assisting in the delivery of activities

Please give the Vee's Place Charity a donation button.

Charitable Donations

If you would like to help our Charity with a donation, please click the button on the left. You will be taken to the secure Local Giving website.

Just five pounds can make a massive amount of difference, allowing us to put an activity on, or replenish some items of stock in Vee’s Café so we can generate more income and provide refreshments for members. If you do decide to donate, thank you so much.

Verity Rhodes, Founder and Manager of Vee’s Place.

As a registered charity, there is scope for many of these posts to become paid via grant application. A user group committee will be set up for each separate activity and interest area and with guidance, the groups will contribute to developing their activity programme managing their own area, gathering and analysing feedback and developing programmes in accordance with that feedback. All of this, and the interaction of the local community, service users, local business leaders and our regional authorities, is a primary goal of this website. We also will encourage future website development by asking for everyone to get involved.

We want to make the Vee’s Place website a community resource in itself!

A Message To Our Donors

If your organisation is not shown here, please accept my sincere apologies if your logo has is missing. This website was created on the 22nd May 2017 and we have a new volunteer, Leslie Fletcher who is a skilled web developer and experienced online marketer. Unfortunately, he is working with old and incomplete files due to the change in personnel.

We urgently need your Graphic File and the URL where you would like the logo should link back to to bring our website up to date. As a thank you for your support, (and as we now have an expert volunteering for us), we would like to repay your generosity in a small way by publishing article features of how your donations has helped Vee’s Place. Eventually these articles will be high traffic and a valuable marketing asset once this website matures.

If you have any promotional material, (including video and PDF files), representing your organisation, please send them to my web developer by email, directly to; If these files exceed the data size limit many email servers impose on us, email Leslie and he will provide you with a securely encrypted Dropbox link where you can send us your files of choice. If you prefer you can also contact me using the contact page on the website.

Thank you for your understanding and past generosity towards Vee’s Place, Prescot and Merseyside’s Community Resource Center

Verity Rhodes, Founder and Centre Manager


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